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Expired Mucus Relief DM

Can I take Mucus Relief DM if it’s expired past a year or two? What do I do? ## Most medication don't become toxic, once they are expired, but they can begin to lose efficacy. Thus, the best thing to do would be to dispose of it, and obtain a new supply, if you still need to take it. The FDA's disposal methods state that you should put them in some undesirable substance, such as dirty cat litter, or coffee grounds, then place the mixture into a sealed container and dispose of it with your regular trash. What are the active ingredients in the medication you have?

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Oval Yellow Pill 44 459

large light yellow oval shaped pill with 44/459 ## The pill in description is a Mucus relief DM tablet (Dextromethorphan 20 mg - Guaifenesin 400 mg). It is noted to assist in bringing up phlegm from the airways in acute respiratory tract infections, and is manufactured by Major Pharmaceuticals Inc. Please post back if you have any other questions or comments...

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