Missed Periods After Stopping Regestrone

jimmy Says:

Hi ..I was adviced by my doctor to take regestrone for 5 days so that I can have early periods as I wanted to get my cycle dates changed. I went through an intercourse just the day before i started this medicine..its been 2 days that i have stopped taking regestrone but I am not getting my periods... I am really worried... my cycle starts from 2nd ... Can you please advice me what may be the reason why I am not getting my periods after stopping regestrone?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jimmy! How are you?

It may not have worked for you, usually it takes about 10 days or so for the progesterone in this to do its job.

Alternatively, if you've been engaging in intercourse, there's a chance that you could be pregnant.

Have you been checked for pregnancy, yet?

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sindhu Says:

Hi, I took regestron for 3 days. 2 5mg tablets per day. My doctor advised me that after stopping regestron I will get my periods within a day. But 1 day passed, i didn't get my periods. I've checked to see if I'm pregnant, but It's negative. How many days it will take to get my periods after stopping regestron?

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p2 Says:

I have my periods on the 2nd of every month. but this time I had to see my bf so I waited till the 2nd of feb but I didnt get periods from the 3rd to 7th of feb with regestrone 5mg twice a day. I was also unprotected during intimacy with my bf on the 5th and 6th thinking I wont conceive as it's the last days of my cycle... but I didnt have my periods yet after 3 days of stopping regestrone (I.e. until the morning of feb 9th). Is it possible I might be pregnant? Plz help what should I do?

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Jothsana Says:

Hi iam 40years this is the first time for me facing irregular period I have taken regestron for 5days after stopping th,e medicine I didn't get my periods iam worried pls suggest me what might be the reason

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vani Says:

Hi. I have irregular periods. I also feel symptoms of dizziness, stomachaches, headaches and body aches (feeling very heated) - I drink coconut water to cool my body but still i feel too hot. Please let me know what is wrong with me? I had unsafe intercourse awhile back.

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Soni Says:

I want to get my periods by 12th of may or early how shuld i take the dose pls guide

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Megha Says:

I was taking regestrone tablets daily one for 5 days and still i m not getting periods from last 6 days

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Sneha Says:

Hi, mam.i'm 28years old. Married. I've been taking regestrone tablets 3days(2tablets per a day). Then after how many days will I get my periods back after stopping regestrone.

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