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Methadone as a Stimulant

Could someone tell me if they have ever heard of using methadone as a stimulate for memory. My boyfriend wrecked his motorcycle 1 week ago. He was just transferred to rehab because of his back and shoulder injuries and becuase of his mental state because of a concussion. Ever since the wreck he has been disoriented and confused, can't remember for very long. The long term memory is there, but short term was gone. When they transferred him to rehab, they started him on 2.5mg of methadone 4 times a day. When I questioned the nurse, she said this doctor uses methadone as a brain stimulate. I admit that since he's been there, he has started remembering things longer than about 5 or 10 minutes, but I'm still concerned about it's use and long term effects. They are giving him ...

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Whatis this pill?

What mg is a large dark pink pill? ## Can anyone help me? ## Hi Hope, Would you be able to post the shape, as well as any letters / numbers / symbols imprinted on this pill ? Thanks, Roy ## There is no way to tell what this is just from the size, shape and color of the tablet. The size, shape and color mean NOTHING. IN order for us to identify it, you must post back with the imprint from the tablet.

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whats in methadone

can any body tell me whats in methdone,and doses it show up on pee test as using methanphine ## Methadone is exactly what is in Methadone, there are not other ingredients except for inactive binders and fillers. This is an opiate narcotic, so no, it will not show up as Methamphetamine, but it will show up as a naroctic drug. ## I am not sure whats in it but I use to go to a pain specialist and they wanted a longer lasting pain killer cuz they didnt wanna scribe more vikoden and they put me on methadone and I swelled up with about 14 lbs of fluid and had to take fluid pills to pee it all out. Now when peeps look at my chart and they look at me funny as in a pill seeker cuz its on my allergic reaction list. I was on it for 2 weeks and had bad fluid retaining. But people look at my in a wh...

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Someone told me it was Methadone I look it up and I don't think it is

round,dark blue with a capitol M' on one side and a 15 on the other ## That is a 15mg morphine pill. If it is a coated tablet, then it is controlled release. Morphine is used for moderate to severe pain and is prescribed for many things. It is a strong narcotic class II prescrption drug. This is not a generic for methadone nor is it similar to methadone. ## The question that needs to be asked here is if the M is in a square or by itself. If it is a capital M in a square then the above ID is correct, however, if the M is not in a square then that changes what the pill is and who makes it.

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tell the differance between methadone and opites

yes it will show up thay can tell he differance if you are on methadone and go to the clinic when thay pee test you,witch thay so thay can tell if your takeing your methadone by how much of one chemacal that is in methadone shows up or not ,but I forgot what it was called when I remember I will let you know

not one

white pill, rectangle, straight line imprint down center of one side with the number 57 on one side of the line and 71 on the other side of line, the other side of pill has a M with a box around it imprinted ## The strange imprint line is meant to be a score line to make it easier to break or cut the tablet in case you need to divide the dose. This is Methadone 10mgs, a generic for Dolophine.

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pill imprint code 57 71

white pill, rectangle, straight line imprint down center of one side with the number 57 on one side of the line and 71 on the other side of line, the other side of pill has a M with a box around it imprinted ## This is Methadone 10mgs, a generic for Dolophine.

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square pill slit down middle 57 on one side 71 on other side and m with square box around it on front ## This is a tablet made by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, it is Methadone 10mgs, a generic for the med Dolophine, commonly used to treat addiction and severe, chronic pain. This is a narcotic and is highly addictive. ## I found Malincrandt finally.After much searching and accusations to a friend.EVEN made in the town I live in..Go Figure!!!! ## The correct spelling is Mallinckrodt, which I am sure will help make it easier to find and reference in the future. ## Yes, I knew the company name, the building is actually 2 miles from me. I figured they spelled it that way as a name only for this tablet,whereas, I know they also specialize in nuclear injection substances. My ex-roomate still d...

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Mixing Methadone with Loratabs, what are the side effects?

I would like to know if anyone knows the effects of mixing Methadone with Hydocodone? Would it be possible for someone to be delusional and hallucinate on this combination? ## Normally when you are on Methadone and need other medicine for a break thru, hydrocodone is the choice that most doctors use cause it has less interreactions than any other , it is usally better if you take them seperate and not at the same time, take your methadone then like 2 hours late take your hydrocodone, that should lessen any side effects, if you still have halucinations and delussions contact your doctor and see if there severe enough to change meds, cause it isnt un common to get some halucinations with some pain meds at first starting just monitor them and if they are severe or worry you contact your do...

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Methadone works great for me

I have a fused disc, two crushed vert., arthritus, etc... I am very lucky from what I have read here. First I was on Vicodin ,muscle relaxers, anti- inflamitories. I would monthly clear out my system and take notjing for a week. My Dr decided to change my meds because I built up such a tolorance to VICODIN. Now I take methadone 30mlg 3xday and Vicodin 7.5 for breakthru pain. I also have muscle relaxers. I thae 800mlg of Ibuprophin when I really over do tohelp with the inflamation. The only thing I don't like is tat I can't not take Methadone, I mean go off for aweek to give my body a break like the Vicodin. I also take Cymbalta. I have never felt so good in my life. I did go off the methadone at first because of people in my areas comments about it they hads no idea what they we...

need help-put 1st discussion in wrong

cathil Says: Tuesday, 9/19/2006 5:45:47 PM oops forgot the rest! as I said I have been on methadone for several years now 60 mg per day. I have full blown cronic hep c stage one fibrosis, osterperosis, fibromayalga severe back trouble and who knows what else at this time! I started out on oxycodone 40mg three times a day and had to switch to methadone due to cost of meds. I recently was in a car accident and tried to go back to oxy's, my doctor put me on 40mg three times a day as before. This is not working as after three monthes by body still hurts from the methadone. I am considering going back to methadone however 60mg per day no longer helps. How do I convert back, and what would be the mg. I should consider to discuss with my Doctor. or due you have another suggestion as i deal...

Can Methadone make you feel jittery?

I have just started taking Methadone 10 mg tablets, my question is: Is it normal to feel jittery and nervous when taking the drug? I do have a slight stomach ache but hopefully in time it will go away. But can someone please tell me if it is normal to feel nervous and jittery? ## yes it does cause this i was on methadone 40mg 3x's a day and it can get worse specialy when you are out or being taken off of them you get the chills and a hole lot worse then what is going on now all i can say is becarefull dont get addicted to them it hard to deal with

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What are these symptoms?

A friend of mine is 43 and she is a ciggarette smoker from hell. She drinks everyday. I am very worried about her. I don't think she cares about her self anymore. She told me for the past month she wakes up all hours of the night with a pressure in her face and front of her head. dizzyness to the point she closes her eyes for a minute and holds her head.. Is this possiblely high blood preasure or should I some how MAKE her go to the doctor.. She will not go.... Please any advice will be greatly appreciated.. ## you better tell her to stop drinking she will die , i have been on it for years i have had frieds die from drinking on it plus you want to watch what she takes too im not trying to scare you it a very good pain pill are the other good lo ## Heather, I think that you should tr...

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Methadone making teeth fall out?

I just wanted to find out if Methadone does something to your teeth? I used to have great teeth, now they are falling out and i'm having a lot of trouble with them. Please help. ## do u or have u ever taken Actiq for pain? if so let me know ,we can talk I have some info... thanks B ## YOUR ANSWER REGARDING METHADONE AND YOUR TEETH. YES, IT WILL MOST SURELY ROT YOUR TEETH AND STRIP THE ENAMEL OFF THEM LIKE IT DOES TO YOUR PAIN RECEPTORS. FROM ONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE DONE THAT. ## I HAVE BEEN ON IT FOR 6 MONTHS AND I HAVE LOST 2 TEETH . 1GOOD ONE,AND 1 BAD ONE AND HAVE 2 THAT ARE STARTING TO ACHE. WHATS UP? AM I GOING TO BE TOOTHLESS? CALL ME! ## it is/was the only way for me to help with my addiction problem. ## and rich, thats the only thing you shoud be using it for. ## IT IS NOT PR...

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meta-dose 10

small round white pill:probably for some kind of pain. Name unknown, but need to know. Has Meta-dose 10 on one side-blank on the other ## I believe it is Metha Dose 10. This is a 10mg Methadone pill for pain which is also used to help people with narcotic addiction. ## It is a Methadone 10 mg pill used for pain and also for the withdrawl from opiates such as herion,vicodin,oxy's,etc. ## Hey, there's an echo in here!

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Information on 54 210

Its a small round white pill what is it? It has the Number 54 on top of the number 210. ## Its a small round white pill what is it? It has the Number 54 on top of the number 210. ## PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT 54 210 IS ## 54 210 is Methadone 5mgs, this is used for pain or as a mean to help someone beat narcotic addiction.

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Metadone maintenance program

I am in need of info or research site to learn about the effects of methadone on asthmatics. I have a family member in the clinic program who is rapidly becoming almost totally disable with his asthma which only began iyear ago. What is the effect of this methadone on these asthmatics-he is constantly in ER and being administered high doses of prednisoneIV. Any help please? ## I have heard of respiratory failure occuring in methadone users. ## Difficulty breathing is listed as one of the more serious side effects; It is advisable that the individual seeks medical attention ASAP. If you read the Full Methadone Listing and scroll down to the heading 'Less Common Methadone Side Effects' you will see it listed in there. Best Wishes to your Family Member. ## i too am a severe asthmat...

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54/142 ## u mean methadone? If so, that's a heroin substitute taken so you don't feel the effects of heroin withdrawal. it's a narcotic that comes in every milligram, depending on the heroin dependancy. Basically each milligram is equivalent to a dollar street worth of heroin. like 20 mg's of meth is equal to 20 dollars worth of heroin on the street. I know, my sister is going thru this.

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