Methadone In Mexico - Legal There?

Patch Says:

Please help - Can I get Methadone in Mexico with a Canadian script? Anyone know?

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Verwon Says:

From my research, it appears that Methadone is illegal in Mexico.

They only allow it to be used in certain extreme cases, where no other pain relief works, for AIDs patients.

If you are going, you may be better served, if you are on it, to take enough of a supply with you to last for the duration of your trip.


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Nadiainbc Says:

I'm not sure if was ILLEGAL.. but now it isn't and there are even methadone clinics in mexico... you just need a doctors letter... and don't have anything on it about drug addiction or anything about being an 'addict' past present of future... just keep it about pain managment and that if you don't take it you will get dealthy sick... so you MUST have it for daily you. your doctor must be very clear about this. Most doctors if they trust you, are totally cool with helping you out a bit. Mine was.

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MT Says:

I used to go to Playa Del Carmen 6 weeks (separately 1 week at a time) every winter and I am Canadian. I am on a methadone maintenance program and so I haven't went in the last year. My brother lives there and no one knows about my affliction. I am running out of excuses of why I can't visit but I have no way of finding out if I can get my methadone there. My doctor will not give me carries here in Canada. I know I can get all the other opiods in Mexico but I want to stick with my program and not risk being sick. It happened once before and I was deathly ill for the whole week until I got back to Canada and went to the doctor. Worst memory of my life. Any info you have would be appreciated. Like do they dispense it? I can get anything I want there cause I have mexican friends that do their mexican thing but if they don't have the actual product then it does me no good.

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High Plain Drifter Says:

Mexico is not the drug paradise many seem to believe it is. Like anywhere else you can get ripped off easily. Also the classic Mexican setup is getting turned in to law enforcement by the same one who sold it to you. If you go to Mexico and start asking for drugs you can end up a statistic. If you dont have street smarts and common sense take some good advice and stay home or save the cash on a one way ticket because that is all you will need.

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FRED Says:

Wondering if I go to Mexico to either live or an extended visit, can I expect to find a methadone clinic to service my needs?

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Rob Says:

I was in Puerto Vallarta last week and tried to get prescribed some methadone........every pharmacist had to google it! Went to 5 hospitals to no is not available. I had to resort to 20 valium and some T4's and was able to function until I returned home to Toronto.

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Christina Says:

What doctor did you go to in mexico to get a script for methadone?

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Fidel Says:

Depends where you are. They have clinics in most major cities. I once got a cutisy dose by having my clinic call down there. Also there was one place that was selling bottles of 10mg x100 for 150 usd but I heard they have gone out of business.

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stephanie Says:

I am a client in a methadone clinic in Lexington n.c and I am planning on moving to Mexico for 3-6 months in the next 60 days and I am currently pregnant so it is very important that I know for sure that there is a methadone clinic or doctor that can prescribe me methadone..I have to dose on this medicine everyday...

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Jenn Says:

I would like to find a clinic in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen if possible 2 courtesy dose methadone at for a wk.Does anyone know who I contact? If there are clinics there?

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Zedster2K Says:


It is imperative to have your clinical care worker or counselor undertake this process.They have the resources available to help facilitate this.I have 28 day take home privledges so that's never a personal issue for me but I've seen horrific issues in people not planning properly and coming home sick, strung out and starting back at step 1.Please use your clinic services. God bless......

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Jenn Says:

Hi Zed.Thank u 4 ur kind kind response. So I've guess dosed within the US when on vaca b4 &my clinic has always set it up 4 me 2 wks prior 2 my trip. However my clinician is trying 2 tell me that its illegal out of the US & there's no methadone clinics 4 me 2 host dose at.So I thought I'd try 2 do some research.I also thought maybe I could get vaca take homes & again she told me that they won't let me go thru costume w Liquid methadone & that's all my clinic provides....Thank u.4 ur time Zed.

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Crystal Says:

So u actually went to Mexico and did u go to a methadone clinic? Cuz when I Google clinics in Mexico I don't find anything. I'm supposed to be moving there in a few months but have been at a methadone clinic here for 3 years and worried i wont be able 2 get it once im there. I'm going to the Oaxaca area. Please help if u know anything that can help me.

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Kha Says:

Re: Crystal (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

They have a methadone clinic in Tijuana Mexico just Google it

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Jme Says:

Re: Jenn (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

You can bring takehomes out of country. Your clinic provides you with a letter and because it is a prescription it is legal and in your carry on bag. Keep with you at all times. I have done it from MA to a cruise out of miami and flew to jamaica with them. I am currently going on vaca to mexico but counselor will not ok vacation ones.

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Shantell Says:

Re: Jenn (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Thats what im worried about. I will be leaving to mexico for atleast a week in the next 6 months.. I have to go because we are going to basically pick up my husbands green card.. Im beginning to think we will have to take a bus or drive all the way there... I am very scared about drivingbecause of the dangerous border towns.. I am so scared about going because of withdrawling.. I dont know what i am going to do.. I hope they have clinics that are safe in mexico..? Does anyone know?

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incaica Says:

Re: Jenn (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

It is not ILLEGAL to take methadone outside of the US. All you need is a letter from your clinic stating that you need this medication. I have personally flown overseas with both liquid and tablets with no issues. The person that told you that at your clinic needs to inform themselves properly. I know that there is a website that a lot of clinics use to find out whether or not the country that you are planning on going to allows methadone BUT it is seriously out of date and has not been revised in Lord knows how long.
GOOD LUCK on your travels.

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Crystal Says:

Re: Jme (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

So may I ask what your going to do while your there if you doing get to take any carries? I'm n the same situation except I am going for my husband's funeral and plan on being there 3-6 months or maybe 4 ever I dunno but I do know I'm going to be one hurting unit so if you know of anything that can help or if there' I'd any clinic s you know about pleas pay

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Sal Says:

Re: Jenn (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

No clinic's are available nor subuxobe, not methadone, nothing I live in Mexico, trust me I have ask many times.

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methadoneinmexico help Says:

Re: Jenn (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I am going to playa del carmen mexico in less than 2wks. I am on methadone maitnence at a methadone clinic in ma My counseler is not helping me at all. Been giving me false info and the runaround for over 2mo now.. Please helo me are there any clinics in mexico? Or any way to get methadone in mexico?HELP

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