Met Xl 25 Uses

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What is Met XL 25 used for? Any information is helpful. Thank you.

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Roy Says:

Met XL contains the active ingredient Metoprolol Tartrate, and is used for treating several cardiovascular conditions including high blood pressure. You can read more about this drug on the page for Metoprolol Details.

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archana Says:


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A.S Says:

met xl do not contain metoprolol tartrate but it contains metoprolol sucinate, metoprolol tartrate is twice daily & metoprolol succinate is once daily.

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Rajender Goyal Says:

i get met xl-025 last 3 years due to high hearbeat.i wants to know that how much long time i got it.or any side effect of this medican. on till date m happy abt tablet

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Puneeth KG Says:

My father is having BP since 4+ years,he is TB Cured person(No Sugur).

Doctor feeding Met XL 25,why this required and how long its required?

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Madhusudan Katragadda Says:

I do not have high Blood pressure. Why is Met XL 25 mg prescribed. Will it have any side effect. Please advice.

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nazim Says:

Normally bloose pressure can take met xl 25

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