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is it possible to take ibuprophen 400mg with mesulid 100g

My Husband is being treated for an abscess but he now has a lot of pain and swelling is it possible to take 400g ibuprofen and 100mg of Mesulid together to manage the pain. ## Essentially, this would be doubling up, since these medications are basically in the same class. Which one has your doctor instructed you to take? Was he also prescribed an antibiotic? The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation.

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Mesulid for pain

Have been using Mesulid for chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis. It has been the only medication that has stopped the inflammation and pain. I was prescribed from a pharmacy in Greece. Here in the states I can't get it. ## I experienced severe muscle spasms in the States after Physical Therapy for my upper back. We traveled to Greece in August of 2009, a week after the symptoms first appeared, and while I was still in incredible physical pain. A doctor here prescribed Mesulid, until he could see me, once he returned from vacation, 4 days after the prescribed medication. It hasn't been a super drug yet, but it HAS helped lessen my symptoms, and helped me cope a bit better. It has also made me drowsy and yesterday, 2 days after administration, I have a dull headache. However, at...

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Mesulid 100 Mg

za kakvo se polzva ## how many times day we take Mesulid(Nimesulida)100mg a day? ## Mesulid contains the active ingredient Nimesulide, it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Learn more: The dosage is normally twice daily, after meals. Are there any other comments or questions? ## Regarding Mesulid 100mg, you said twice a day after meals is the normal dosage. For how many days in the case of a swollen musule? ## What is the reason to forbid drinking alcohol while under the treatment with Mesulid. ## I have been prescribe mesulid 100mg. Do I take one tablet every 12hours? I am in foreign country and at pharmacy they didn't explain? Thank you

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Mesulid and Lexotanil

I have severe laryngitis with terrible pain and have been prescibed mesulid but I can still not sleep at night Can I take Lexotanil on top to help me sleep? ## I have been given 1.5mg of lexotanil to help me sleep but not sure how much to take and when. I work full time so don't want to be dosed in the day.

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Liquid mesulid

does this medicine have to be refrigerated ## I have a perscription for nimesulide for my 1 yr old baby but i dont know if i can find pediatric nimesulide in th US or if there might be any other medication (if posible an over the counter one) that would help with throat inflamation and soreness due to an infection.

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mesulid is it safe?

I have been prescribed mesulid for cysts on the lymph nodes in the pelvic area. Does it work? ## For questions of safety, your doctor should know your medical history before prescribing it to you. Like most drugs in NSAID category, nimesulide is known to be hepatotoxic (damaging to the liver) in rare but unpredictable cases and should be taken with care. The patient information leaflet informs that the use of nimesulide in children under the age of 12 is contraindicated. For more information click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do...

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