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drug discontinued

I was told that his drug was discontinued due to high dosages due to heart attacks!I guess if you give a guy a 1000 mgs a day very day these things could happen. Anybody know where i could get a prescription???? I went to one mental clinic and told him what i needed and why and he gave me a prescription for a schizo and bipolar drug that did nothing. but make me sleepy and cause me to almost cause a accident. Help me guys or doctors. ## i have been on many different antipepressants since mellaril was discontinued and none have been any good but this drug id risk a heart attack to stay mentally well cause without it ive had many suicide attempts anyway. ## If the drug has been disconitinued for usage in the US, then I am sorry, there is no way to obtain it legally here. Even if you try t...

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how to stop use

I am want ing to stop use of this medicine. Wish to have ways of doing so. All at once or day by day Thanks ## Mellaril is an antipsychotic drug, so coming of it cold turkey and without a doctors supervision and assistance can be very dangerous. I suggest speaking to your doctor about the best way to stop this medication. In addition, if you have been on it for awhile, then your body had become dependent on the drug and you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it abruptly.

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