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I've recently had symptoms of a head cold. Now, my right ear and under my right chin aches. Can I take Guaifenex PSE to heal the symptoms. If not, what should I do. Feels like the head cold is not quite gone. Please advise. ## If it is the result of an infection that has set in, in your sinuses and it sounds like it may have moved to your glands, this will not cure it. You will need to see a doctor to get an antibiotic. ## Unfortunately, I have no insurance coverage. Is there an over the counter med. I can take? - like some kind of decongestant that can help? I've been told that this may be an option along with Tylenol for the pain. Please advise. ## Decongestants may help, but as I said, if it is from an infection, then nothing is going to solve the problem other than an antibi...

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