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Drug testing Lorcet

I hurt my back pulling at work and was needing to file worker's comp, and I know they'll have to drug test. My doctor has me on Ambien and Xanax to sleep. What I'm worried over is the Lorcet and Flexerll I took of my wife's the evening I was hurt. I Need to know how long Lorcet plus stays in ones's system. ## If you only took it that once and haven't been taking it regularly or abusing it, then you will be fine. The initial doses only stay in your system for about 24 hours or so. ## It will stay in your system for about a week. Even one pill will stay that long and it can easily be picked up because drug tests today are so accurate and has a very small amount to be considered a failure and they always test for opiates (Loratab is in that catagory). Accurate enoug...

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colors of 10mg

Is there a white 10 mg lorcet I know there is green and blue but is there a white? ## Well, you need to be aware that the colors do not mean anything. The color of any pill is entirely up to the whit and whim of the company manufacturing it. If you post back with the imprint from the tablet, I will gladly look it up for you to confirm what it is. ## Round G 1540 imprinted on white round - back 10

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How Long for Lorcet Plus to Leave Your System?

How long does it take for Lorcet Plus 7.5 to get out of your system? ## 5 to 10 days!!! ## I take the same. How long & how many have you taken? Drink LOTS of water & Gatorade & PEEE LOTS!!! Also non greasy or fatty foods, sweat etc...it depends ....72 hours or more....depending on the above factors.....

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