Lorazepam Treatment Discontinuation

Yusho Says:

Why would doctors stop writting a prescription of Lorazepam, which has worked for over 20 years for a patient who has panic disorder, because the patient is now too old at 70? Any input is appreciated.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Yusho,

This NIH Article briefly explains why your doctors are choosing to stop your prescription. In a nut shell the medication works fine but studies have shown that older patients are more likely to experience adverse side effects. Some of these side effects can be life threatening which is why the NIH and FDA strongly suggest ceasing prescribing the medication as the patient ages.

I hope this helps. Please reply if you have any further questions or have additional information to add.

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l0ft Says:

i was just discussing this topic with my doctor. I believe that the ``newer generation'' is scared of old people. Many older folks take benzos - usually valium.

I live in the USA - there has been a small shift in the ruling party about drugs. they want everyone to stop taking them.

This is what happens to a society that ignores the elderly and insist on new quick thing.

I have just been through this too. I am taking klonopin for ~20 years; I went to hunterdon medical center NJ for treatment and they committed me against my will to a drug detox facility to detox me off the klonopin!

There seems to be no reason for their brutal assaults. I would love to here if someone else can please explain the reason that we should all change our medication (in USA).


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l0ft Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

thank you for the laugh. do you have any other research?

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EDDY Says:

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All research to benzodiazepines lead to caution for those of us over 60. It is on all your paperwork as well. Nasty drug

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steve g Says:

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I take night time medication. what is Age discrimination?

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