L Montus Tablet

P K Skaria Says:

Please let me know whether this tablet can contnue to be taken for 3 months?

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David Says:

Any medication, including L-MONTUS (montelukast) should only be taken for the duration that it was prescribed for.

Depending on the reasoning behind taking this medication, it can be used to treat seasonal allergies, which may require you to take it for the duration of the allergy symptoms. However, the guidelines for taking this medication note that you should not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

There really is no precise answer to taking it for a period of 3 months, because this duration is determined by your doctor.

I hope this info helps to answer your question!

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sudhir Says:

Doctor has advised to take L Montus for 6 months can i take it for 6 months. if not plz. give reasons.

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kj Says:

dear m taking ths medicines since last 4 years for sum season so i can say it is part of my daily routing life and no prob of using it fr long tym

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shubham Says:

sar mujhe 4 month se bhot khasi a rhi thi so dr ko dikhaya to unhone montus l .and duonose spray lene ko kha h 6 month tak kya bnd krne par fir se allergy suru ho jayegi ????? pls sar or mam reply

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Kristen Says:

I have undergone open heart surgery. I have seasonal allergy symptoms like feeling cold or hot or noticing odd smells. I also feel bad and immediately experience sneezing or coughing. Is the l-montus tablet used for treating coughing and cold symptoms?

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