Jublia How To Get One Droo

Rich471 Says:

I started using Jublia. I am suppose to use one dro for nail. However is imposibke to determine what one drop is since the brush in the bottle does not let you see the drop. Does anybody knows how to determine when one drop has entered the brush.
I am afraid that i am not going to get enough since the manufacturer says there are 200 droos per bottle

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AB Says:

The brush is a mess. No, there is no way to determine one drop. I've tried, and usually end up squeezing out too much. I learned to simply turn the bottle over, then let one drop (or whatever) slowly come out, WITHOUT squeezing. That's the best I can do. But, since it takes 48 weeks to do the full treatment, and each bottle is $500, the total is insanely high. So after two bottles, I quit.

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LikeThemOdds Says:

I also ran out quickly. Mainly because the brush becomes a cotton ball and releases too much medication. It was running all over my toes! Wasting, I had a hard time figuring out how to apply it without wasting it and running out. There was NO way that I could possibly make it last. It ran out and no one would refill it! They said it should last. I need 10 "drops" per day. If the manufacturer says you get approx. 200 drops from 4ml, guess what? That's approx 20 DAYS! What a joke!!! My Doctor and Pharmacist are brand new to this drug and seem to have their hands tied. It is rather disappointing to finally have an effective drug on the market, that will not kill your liver or take your life, then have a ridiculous time getting a proper size bottle and dosage!!!!!!!

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