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Jevity shelf life expired. can we use?

We recently were given 6 cases of Jevity 1.5 cal. The expiration date reads 1SEP07. My husband vomited immediately after feeding through the tube in his stomach. Shouldn't Jevity still be ok to use after 5 months shelf-life? ## Can I use calcium tablets MFD: 04/2007 EXP: 03/2009 ## If you need help with drugs please ask God for healing just say out loud now Jesus I believe and I accept you in my heart please heal me and free my mind and turn me into your helper. I know this will help you. ## On the Jevity, I am sorry,. I don't know, however, since it is a product for nutrition, I would suggest it is probably NOT a good idea to use past the expiration date. Ramnarine, they don't get dangerous past the expiration, but will slowly lose some of their potency. Are there any other...

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Can Jevity 1.5 cause constipation and gas?

Does Jevity 1.5 cause constipation and excessive gas and hiccups? ## Good question I was wondering the same thing! My mother has been on Jevity 1.2 cal through a feeding tube for about 7 days now and she has not had a bowel movement. She is not eating much of anything else and we have increased the water we put in the tube but she still has not gone. She has dementia and doesn't always know if something is bothering her or not. I am hoping a little Sennekot will do the trick! Does anybody really know this answer? ## My sister is on Jevity 1.2 has has problems with constipation. Miralax powder has helped her greatly. It use to be a prescription but can now be found over the counter. It is available at Costco and retail pharmacy's. Hope this helps! :) ## Yes, the FDA does warn tha...

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Can I Drink Jevity 1.5?

Is it safe to drink Jevity 1.5? ## It is a high protein nutrient product. Unless you are trying to drink the IV solution, you should not have a problem. Just follow instructions for the amount you are supposed to ingest and don't over do it. It contains concentrate calories, dietary fiber, prebiotics and over 24 different vitamins and minerals, though they do not list these any more specifically than that. It is made by Abbott Nutrition. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## punjab ## i o c dealer makhu mobile 09872970651 ## Can jevity be warmed up if not why? jevity 1.5 served warm.?.

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jevity 1.5 and constipation

Do people having only jevity 1.5 use the bathroom as if they were eating normal food? or do they suffer constipation...and if so... what are we supposed to do? ## Jevity is a liquid nutritional supplement, since it contains iron, it may cause some consipation, as well as dark stool. Have you asked your doctor what you should do, in case you suffer constipation? Most people find relief with natural fiber products, that help with bowel movements.

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How to get more calories?

My Mom has a j-tube in, and she can hardly eat anything else. Even Tea and water will come back up. Is there any way to make the feeding more comfortable for her since she cramps with the feedings? ## I'm so sorry your husband is ill. A product that helped my daughter keep her food down is called VitalGest. I've known others that this product has helped even when they've undergone chemotherapy. It's over the counter and available at

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