Janumet And Gastroparesis

BlueAnon Says:

If you start experiencing signs of gastroparesis after starting Janumet, stop taking it! My doctors insisted the Janumet wasn’t responsible, but they were wrong. Gastroparesis has “resolved” since Janumet was discontinued.

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VerFree Says:

Janumet has been known to cause some gastric issues as side effects, such as bloating, heartburn, indigestion, and vomiting, which can also be symptoms of gastroparesis, according to FDA reports.

Medline Plus Janumet/Diabetes medication combinations

However, only your doctor can help you be sure that it was all caused by the Janumet. It is also very important that no one stop such a medication, without consulting their doctor, because letting their blood sugar go uncontrolled can be very dangerous.

Unfortunately, most doctors are not aware of all the possible side effects that a medication might cause, due to the fact that they don't study them as intensively as a pharmacist, or other researcher. Most physicians are only aware of the basic most common possible side effects, and possible interactions. If you want more details, it is always best to consult your pharmacist, a researcher, or check out the details on a site like this for yourself.

What other medication have you switched to?

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BlueAnon Says:

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I was diagnosed with gastroparesis via a gastric emptying study. My doctor discontinued the Janumet two months ago for reasons unrelated to gastroparesis. I’ve had no symptoms of gastroparesis since I stopped taking the Janumet. A new doctor I’m seeing has indicated she believes the gastroparesis was being caused or exacerbated by medication. I’ll certainly need another GES to verify whether I have gastroparesis, but the normal triggers aren’t triggering it any longer, not since stopping the Janumet. Yes, everyone needs to consult their doctor before discontinuing any medication, but I had two doctors dismiss my concerns that my gastroparesis was related to medication, even though the symptoms started within two weeks of starting the Janumet. I’m angry that my concerns weren’t given more consideration.

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