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Pat Says:

I have been on clinical trial 2 yrs for myelofibrosis and wanted to know is anyone's health insurance is paying for drug in case clinical trial ends. What is approximate cost a month as I have seen it is $7000 month on another website. Any info would be appreciated.
Thank You

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Verwon Says:

That is about the same estimated price that I am seeing listed everywhere, which is pretty normal for these types of medications, especially being this new.

I've no information on insurances covering it, though. That would depend on the insurance and if it actually gets approval.


Does anyone else have more information on this?

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Pat Says:

Thanks for the reply. Its now approved for sale in the U.S. I am live in Ca. I use wall greens drug store. I checked with them its $4.400.00 without insurance. I do have part D with medicare. I dont know how much it will be with it.

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DEE11 Says:

Medicare part D will not be covered by incyte.How nice .There is chronic disease fund and a few others however i,m a bit over the limit for aide.Now what ????i don,t know.The rich stay healthy i guess.

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brandi Says:

your dr. can fax papers out to the company. my dr did and I am taking them.or you can call the company yourself

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Jackie Says:

Since I'm new to this website and you posted in 2012, I'm sure you know Jakafi is now FDA approved and on the market. You have also probably been hit with the exorbitant cost. I am on Medicare and have been on this drug for over a year, but it is the only Rx drug I take. I will tell you it doesn't take long to reach the catastrophic level, which makes the co-pay about $539 a month. I do not qualify for any type of assistance. I would appreciate hearing your feedback.

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Ollie Says:

Re: brandi (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I am not eligible for subsidies from the company because I have medicare. Only those privately insured are eligible.

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