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My immune system has been severely challenged for many years. I believe demodex, as well as harvest mites has completely taken over my body, as I have small, round, white spots that now will not go away. The white spots have been on my person for years. When I go to speak to doctors, they politely inform me, "It's in your head"! Well, the small, round, numerous spots all over my body, mostly on arms and legs, are there, and will not even sun tan when I'm out of doors. I have found a way to keep the demodex, up until recently, and now, I've gone from a full head of hair, to being able to see my scalp on, the crown of my head. I am 66 years old, having 18 things wrong with me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am, however a researcher and know what I have found. ...

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i NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FIGURE THE DOSAGE SO I WILL KNOW IF IT WAS DONE RIGHT. I NEARLY LOST A DOG TO WRONG DOSAGE FROM ANOTHER VET ## dear sir. this reqyest is to find the proper doseage of IVERMECTIN IN syrip. mandt weighs between 32, to 36 pounds. she is a black lab mix. we almost lost the big dog to wrong doseage. we need to know how many ounces per pound of dog. thank-you arthur poole

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