Itraconazone For Treating Itching Near Genitals

VB Says:

I've been experiencing an itching problem near my genital area for the past 35-40 days. My doctor prescribed me luliconazole cream earlier and when that didn't help me he gave me itraconazole cream. I used the cream for 4-5 days and there was no relief in my itching problem. Today, again i visited my doctor and he told me to continue with the cream and gave me an additional itraconazole prescription for 7 days (1 capsule a day). I would like to know whether this capsule is appropriate for me, as I am faced with too much itching and even burning sensations at times.

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Verwon Says:

This medication is used to treat fungal infections, such as yeast infections. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, headache, and diarrhea.

Have they taken a culture to see what is causing the issue? Have they done a genital exam?

Are you on any other medications?

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VB Says:

Thank you for reply. No the doctor haven't even seen the infected part and yes except this daily course of itraconazole capsule for 6 days he also gave me Fluconazole tablet for having it once in a week which I am taking from 5 weeks(before I started Itraconazole) and I also have a blood preasure medicine telmikind H everyday. The problem of Itching specially is at night when I am into sleep I wake up every day midnight finding myself itching the genital parts very heavily. This problem is there since 40-45 days. I comlpeted this 6 tablets of Itraconazole today and I use Itraconazole Gel every day at Night and I even use dusting power very much i.e 10-12 times in a day. sugest me some solution to get rid of this Itching problem.

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VB Says:

today I again visited my doctor. Today he checked the infected area by just seeing it and he changed the medicine and prescribed Ebastine tablet 10 mgeach Twice a day and also prescribed Permethrin cream.

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