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Isocal Liquid Nutrition for weight gain

Where is (8 oz.) Isocal Liquid Nutrition available and how much is 1 case? I want to use it as a dietary supplement because I'm underweight and lactose intolerant. Any suggestions so I can gain weight? ## Hello, Ted! How are you? I've found it listed as being available at several online retailers for roughly $80 a case. The FDA does warn that it may cause constipation in some people that use it. However, as to your being underweight, how low is your weight in relation to your height and age? Have you had it checked out by your doctor to rule out a medical issue? The best way to gain is usually with a healthy, high calorie diet.

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Isocal liquid

Can I order Isocal liquid by Meade- Johnson from CVS pahrmacy in The illages, Fl.32162? ## Hello Ted, Are you referring to Isocal Liquid Nutrition? If so, I believe this is a dietary supplement used in some as a sole source of nourishment. To my knowledge it is given to those who may not be able to ingest solid foods due to surgery or other complications. I'm not sure if Isocal liquid nutrition is in stock at that specific pharmacy. Have you tried giving them a call? You can learn more about this drug on the page for Isocal-Liquid-Nutrition/ Details Please post back if you have any more questions!

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