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I have insomnia, I am menopausal 57 female, I have been doing fine last 7 months on ambien,I was on a low dosage 10mg. My Dr. called 2 wks ago, said no more & gave me trazodone, not good for me, terrible side effects. I'm having trouble working & feeling sick, going to see my Dr. in a few days, what should I tell her? She keeps trying to give me antidepressants. Indiplon sounds like an answer, when is it going to be released? ## There are no precise details on when Indiplon will be available on the market, the company has received an approvable letter from the FDA, but they have still been conducting some tests on it to further ensure its safety and efficacy. The reason your doctor probably took you off of the Ambien is because it is only supposed to be used for the short-te...

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