Impacted Colon Ct Scan - How To Treat

Rootsgal Says:

I had a CT scan to see if I had a hernia. It showed an "impacted colon" but I was never referred to anyone. I had an "incomplete cleanse" for my colonoscopy, and it seems, that would be why. The GI place was told, and said, "we can't comment on that"?

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VerFree Says:

You can learn more abotu it on MedLine Plus in their article on it, it also included the usual treatment information.

If the GI place only did your colonoscopy, and you are not a regular patient, they wouldn't comment, since they haven't seen the test reports and don't treat you as a regular patient.

Do you take any medications regularly?

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Rootsgal Says:

Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

My CT SCAN was available for them to see in their patient PORTAL.
Plus, my primary care doctor had the CT SCAN since December 2018 and he ordered the colonoscopy. He did not pass this on to the GI place.
I do not understand why they ask us about our medical history when they end up ignoring everything.
Thanks for your feedback.

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