I Have A Chronic Pain Issue For Over A Decade I Have Had To Get New Doctors

Sarah Says:

I am a widow , & I moved to mid-America& I left a daughter behind. My youngest goes to MSU. I am an Author. I was on Vicodan 10/500 and they changed the laws and now only Norco is possible 10/325.For Chronic Nerve Pain. They had all my records. I Think they were ALL thrown away. The Qualitest Brand has fillers. I requested from my DR. Watson Norco..or NORCO ..not generic. I pay $1000 to a Man who I married in a faze of grief & doesn't do anything for me. I called Watson. They said to either ask my DR. for ONLY the Watson Brand or NORCO. Non Generic which would be $30. I've been getting my Norco , the Watson Brand. & Actually a Neurologist is supposed to be calling. I'm on huge amounts of Nuerontin and FINALLY..my Hepatologist said it was Crap. You Must be Your Own Advocate. Doctors are too busy and PAIN is so Misunderstood. This brings my Nerve Pain from a 17 to a 6 or 7. Just so I can function. Stress of course Makes The Pain Flare. It Sucks ..


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David Says:

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear about your challenges with pain over the years. I too am a firm believer that we must be our own advocates more often than we have been in times of need, for preventative measures and for understanding our body in ways that no one else could since they don't spend a moment alive in anyone's body but their own.

I'm not saying to never go to the Dr, Lol, but what this means though is that we as a whole must educate ourselves more on things that doctors don't have time for due to their busy schedules and often times lack of willingness to help towards those who need it most. How many times have you gone to the doctor only to have a 60 second evaluation before being diagnosed with xxxx? 1 minute of their time doesn't even break the ice in my opinion, and is a reflection of how stressed they must be on any given day to make the right calls...

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Mare Says:

Stop going to pain clinics & make an appointment with a PM DR. Inquire about having a pain pump implanted. They will be able to fill it to ur needs. They can change what goes in it & also adjust the amount that gets released. Best thing I ever done. I’m down to taking only one med. Good luck & hope it helped to know there is an alternative.

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