I Have Celiac Disease And Am Currently Taking Prenatal Plus With G12 On The Pill Is That Gluten Free


I have celiac disease and am currently taking the prenatal plus tabs tan tabs with G12 imprinted on them. Are they gluten free?

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Hi Michelle,

After looking at an ingredient profile of Prenatal Plus, I can determine that gluten or wheat is not listed on there with the other vitamins and minerals. However their ingredient profile does not list the "inactive ingredients", where as the addition of things like gluten or wheat might be found, if it does contain it.

It's unfortunate that companies like this do not put a complete label on their products. If I were in your shoes, I would consider contacting the manufacturer about this. The manufacturer of this supplement is Akyma Pharmaceuticals.

Aside from this, I do know that there are plenty of other options out there that do state if they are gluten free or not. If you google "gluten free prenatal vitamins", you'll find that most of them are not prescription based and can even be bought on amazon or your local health food store. Personally, I have never heard of prescription-only vitamins, so Prenatal Plus may contain something other than the typical vitamins and minerals.

I hope this info helps!

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I've been unable to find a listing of the inactive ingredients.

Have you tried asking your doctor, or pharmacist?

Do they know you have celiac disease?


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