Hydroxyzine Pamoate 100 Mg Cap

Jonathan K Says:

Has anyone else had a hard time lately getting this medication from their pharmacy? The last couple/few times i've needed it, i've had to call around to different CVS's. My regular CVS hasn't had it for at least the past couple of months. Last month, i got it filled at another CVS downtown, but this month they only have 3 in stock, so i called yet another CVS and luckily they had them in stock. What a hassle to get my medication. I live in Lowell, MA.

Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

I'm not finding any shortages listed for this medication.

Have you considered trying a pharmacy other than CVS?

It seems unusual to me that they wouldn't have it in stock, or get it in stock, if they know they have a regular customer that needs it.


I know several pharmacy chains here in Washington that do that to help their regular customers, they just don't order in large supplies of it, if they know they don't have the demand for it.

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Paul Says:

I've had to drop this med, as well. Can't seem to find it anywhere. I've tried Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid, etc.
I can't tell you how I really, you know....

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Ginger Says:

Yes my husband takes it and we can no longer get 100mg tablets, we get instead 50 mg and he has to take two at a time, it's rediculious but they say they can no longer get the 100 mg tablets.

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sdrawde Says:

I would really like to know what this medication helps remove or cover up the symptoms of I was prescribed 50mg pills to help with schizophenia but can not see how an antihistamine can help me.

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