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Hydromet and Touro LA Caplet Sa Dar

I think I have strep throut - my daughter has it and now I am feeling sick - I have left over Touro LA Caplet Sa Dar and I have left over Hydromet - from the last time I was sick - can I take either of these? My daughter was given amoxilinine - I am uninsured so would prefer not having to pay for more drugs ## Strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection, so it usually requires an antibiotic, and neither of the medications you mentioned contain antibiotics, thus it would be best to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis, and treatment, if necessary. Have you experienced any other symptoms, such as pain when swallowing, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and body aches? Antibiotics may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, nonallergic skin rash, diarrhea, and dizziness.

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can I give my cat hydromet syrup 5-1 5/5 for pain?

My cat started hiding and howling when I picked her up. So took her to vet Friday. Vet couldn't find anything wrong and prescribed Amoxidrops for a puncture we couldn't see yet. Today, Saturday I found the puncture in her left hind quarter. I put Ichthammol ointment hoping it will start draining. Can I give her a drop of my hydromet syrup 5-1 5/5 for the pain or my husband's phenergan/codeine syrup until we return to the vet on Monday? ## I have a 2 year old cat that has a bacterial infection. If I dilute the "teva 3147" capsule with water and give him the right amount of dosage, is it safe?

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chlo tuss vs hydromet

I was originally prescribed hydromet which I know has a narcotic in it the pharmacy gave me chlo tuss liquid! From my research this product has no narcotic in it. It was originally prescribed to relieve my cough at bedtime and help me sleep. Please help is this the same or was I dooped at my pharmacy and this has no pain reliever!!! ## Amber, Chlo tuss liquid does NOT contain hydrocodone nor any other opiate type preparation. Your prior rx contained hydrocodone and was far more powerful.Chlo tuss is indicated for dry unproductive cough and is non habit forming. Hope that helps answer your question. ## Amber, Are you sure it was the pharmacy that substituted your rx for hydromet? This cough syrup is indicated for short term relief only most PHYSCIANS are uncomfortable continuing to rx th...

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Hydromet syrup

Hello, I am curious to know if moving that my doctor would double my dose of cough medicine, antibiotics just in case, for me due to not being able to find a new doctor right away in California. As well as laws that prohibit me from filling a prescription from Wisconsin that was written before becoming a resident. I currently receive 8oz at a time for my bronchitis flare ups and continuos post nasal drip that happens frequently. I understand that it's a lot of syrup to have but never have used it other than for symptomatic relief.

hydromet syrup dosage

My doctor prescribed hydromet syrup because I have sinus infection. The bottle says 5 mg hydrocod/ 1.5 mg homa. With a quantity listed of 100. But it states to take 1 teaspoonful 4 to 5 times daily for 5 days. That seems like a lot. So my question is: With every teaspoon am I getting 5 mg hydrocod/ 1.5 mg homa?? or does the 4 teaspoons equal 5 mg hydrocod/ 1.5 mg homa total daily?? ## Hello, Simple Dude! How are you? I'm sorry, but there isn't enough information here for me to answer to your question. Does the label say anything else? The dosage on these usually shows how many milliliters it takes to get that 5mg/1.5mg by listing it as another number after that. Have you tried asking your pharmacy? ## Thank you for the response. I finally got ahold of the pharmacy and they did a...

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M End Syrup

Which is better,m end syrup or hydromet syrup? ## No one can really honestly tell you how this drug is going to effect you, as they are not you. Not even "you" know how it's going to effect you until you take it. Medications can and usually do affect everyone differently, whereas some people get great results but there are others that it inevitably just doesn't work for no matter how many they take. Unfortunately when it comes to prescription drugs the only to find out is to try it for yourself and decide after a few days to a week or so if this either drug is really right for you. I know it's a vague response, but I'd hate to say one works better than the other and you end up not liking it or having a bad reaction. Have you ever taken Hydrocodone (hydromet) in t...

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