How Do Trust Pills Work?

sheila Says:

I started taking my pills on May 3rd and my menstruation date was on May 9th. I had sex on May 4th. Now my period is delayed by 6 days. Do you think it's possible I am pregnant?

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joyce Says:

nakalimutan ko uminum kgabi ng pills,what should i do..?itatake ko ba ung 2pills mamayang gabi ng sabay..?kalimutan ko kz ung instructions pag na miss mu ang pginum mu,pls reply asap tnx

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Verwon Says:

Sheila, yes it is possible, because they are not effective immediately, they must be taken for at least 7 days to be effective at preventing pregnancy, unless you started them on the first day of your menstrual cycle.

Learn more oral contraceptive details here.

Joyce, I'm sorry, but I am having trouble getting an accurate translation. Can you please post back?

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liza Says:

Hi!!! I would like to ask, I started taking pills since dec 25 but I already had my visit 1 wik before i take it and I undergo an operation last january 17 and have my visit on jan. 19, i decided to stop taking pills after finishing one pack as instructed. We my hubby and make love this feb 1 i decided to take a pill immediately on that same day but we did not use any back up to be protected. I am already on my 24th pills but im confused because i still dont have my visit since I had it last january 19.. please help me.. Im sorry about my english I hope u still i understand it

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ScaredAnn Says:

Hi. I started taking trust pills on the 13th day of my cycle (last Apr14). I am a first time user and am continuously taking the pills. I missed the first day of my period now. I was expecting my period yesterday but until now the period haven't started. I am on the 18th pill. Is it normal to miss my period? will I be having my period on the first brown pill? Or could I stop taking the pills today to start my normal cycle? Please help.

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cancer86 Says:

Goodmorning itatanung ko lang po sana..kasi plan ko po sana mag take ng pills but d ko po alam kung anung klaseng pills gagamitin april 3 po ang dating ng bf ko tas yung means ko next month is april 1 or 2..kelan po ba ako mag simula magtake ng pills to be sure na d po ako mabubuntis..please reply po thank u.

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