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I Have A Weight Problum Would Like To Know The Best Over Counter Drug Take

I have a weight problum i have gain 20 pound in the past few weeks and i am haveing problum in finding the right medication to help me to loose it. ## @Gharles Watley, Sorry to hear about your weight problem. Have you considered changing any other aspects of your diet or exercise habits before adopting a new medication regimen? In most cases, a moderate exercise routine (4-5 days a week) alongside healthy eating habits can get the job done in and of itself. I don't know what your lifestyle is like, but stress can also have a lot to do with sudden weight gain. Regarding a medication, I'd recommend doing some research on South African Hoodia; a powerful OTC dietary supplement for suppressing your appetite. In the past I've also had experience using OxyElite Pro, which in my op...

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Hoodia for appetite control

I've read that Hoodia takes away your appetite. Does anyone have personal experience using it? ## I would like to know about the drug and is it safe to use if you have a heart condition? Also, what are the conditions for which Hoodia should be prescribed? ## Well, first of all, it will not be prescribed for anything as this is not a prescription drug. It is an over the counter product, an herbal supplement. Please keep in mind that these types of products are not endorsed by the FDA and subsequently not rigorously evaluated like prescription products.

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