Hair Loss Caused By Taking Pradaxa

peg Says:

I hate that crap. I lost my hair and when I asked the nurse about it, she looked it up and yes that is a side effect. That is the worst thing I have ever had done to me. It should be taken off the market. You can hardly eat a meal without the lawyers on TV telling you to contact them if you have a problem with Pradaxa.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Peg! How are you? I'm very sorry about what happened.

However, all medications carry the risk of causing side effects, it's just what happens when you add a chemical to the body to try to correct a problem. Some are more hazardous and risky than others and there's no way to know ahead of time, if any given person will or will not experience them.

The legal complaints involve bleeding issues, which carry the risk of being fatal. Hair loss is unfortunate, but not life threatening and it should reverse, when you stop taking the Pradaxa or switch to a different medication, as listed by the FDA.

I'm not trying to make light of your problem, I was on a medication once that caused hair loss and I hated it, switched off of it, as soon as I could, I'm just trying to explain that side effects just happen.

Have you switched to something else, now?

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Peachy3947 Says:

My hair has been falling out like crazy! I didn't know it may be Pradaxa causing it.

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Sherrylee Says:

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I've been taking Pradaxa almost 3 months & still have 3 months to go. My nice thick hair is dropping out like crazy too. I can now see my scalp all over. I didn't see this as a side effect. Didn't know what was causing this till now. I've even cut over a foot of hair off, thinking it might help when combing, didn't help. I see someone wrote that it comes back when stopping med. What do I do till then? 3 more months, I won't have any hair left! Crying with every look in the mirror!

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Dorothy Says:

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I know how you feel my hair loss is by half - luckily i had a mop of hair... but still falling after one year - they say till you stop taking meds but i think i am on them permanently my doctor thinks Pradaxa is the best... hope yours gets sorted..

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Dorothy Says:

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Now i am off most other meds but continue to take Pradaxa my hair loss is continuing - i had a mop of hair and think it is down to about half now - i am to take these for ever i think - not sure about changing as Pradaxa is Govt Sub and think the others have a surcharge - the only other govt funded one is Warfrin... i love my hair and almost too scared to brush it...

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