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starting Gilenya have some questions

I will be starting Gilenya in May. I have a 3 month washout period from Tysabri. I will be on Copaxone for 2 months. I was wondering how long it took to start Gilenya from the time they put the paperwork in. The nurse said must have aall the prereqisites done foirst not more than 1 month before and they will put paper work in 2 weeks before i am to start. Does this sound right. Thanks laurie f ## Gilenya contains the active ingredient Fingolimid, it is used to treat relapsing MS. It may cause some problematic side effects, such as: slow heart rate, headache, head cold and fatigue. As to the paperwork, the pre-requisites are actually more to do with your insurance/coverage than anything else, so I am afraid that I don't know anything about that. This medication has been FDA approved,...

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Hi, I had been on Copaxone since diagnosis 01/2004 but it made me gain weight (35lbs.) and 6" in my breasts. After spinal surgery I had to switch. I'm frightened, though, because like the side effects with Copaxone they were unlikely and not even discussed when I started the therapy. ## Did you discuss it with your doctor? They shouldn't have a problem with you asking them about the side effects and discussing your concerns. Gilenya contains the active ingredient Fingolimod and the most common side effects may include: nausea, headache, head cold and fatigue. You can learn more about it here:

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