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Who gave me Gastrocrom in plastic vial

Found in overpacked purse. I have numerous autoimmune diseases,IBD, allergies, MCS, viruses, psoriasis. I have recently been to cataract surgery, GI doc, PCP, dermatologist. Which one may have given me the gastrocrom and how do I use it? ## I noticed barely legible print on the vial. It expired in 2001. I also researched gastrochrome and found it used for IBS as an anti inflammatory before NSAIDS were found more useful for IBS. I am allergic to all NSAIDS. I have very high inflammation markers. My thanks to all who read my post. ## It was probably your GI doctor that gave you the Gastrochrom. I was given it for collagenous collitis and mastocytosis of the colon. It does help with diarrhea. ## Pat is correct, Mastocytosis is what it is usually prescribed to treat. It can reduce such symp...

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not sure if medicine can be taken together

I was prescribed Gastrocrom and Domperidome, can they be taken together? If so, is there any side effects? ## Hi Julie, The only drug interactions I found listed under Domperidone are if you were to take it with certain antibiotics or antifungal medications that have been known to increase the plasma concentration of Domperidone as well as it's potential for causing side effects. Nothing though is listed between Gastrocrom and Domperidone, so I would still encourage you to take that up with your doctor as a precautionary measure for more specific details. However even if there aren't any interactions, each medication's individual side effects are still at play and would also be something to watch out for; not to be mistaken for possible drug interactions or vise versa. Thoug...

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Gasrocrom to treat airborne pollen allergy symptoms

Does anyone have any experience using gastrocrom to reduce extreme allergic responses to airborne plant pollen and mold? I experience extreme physical fatigue, inability to concentrate, the "Allergic cascade" which includes, at times, muscle pain in the upper body and involuntary muscle reactions. Symptoms start in March, and continue strong thru June, with some symptoms in the fall ragweed season. I have just started using 2 vials 4 times per day. My doctor says is will take 6 weeks to see if this treatment is effective. Just started 2 weeks ago. I am also taking xyzal, zyflo, singular, and have been on injections since the 1980's. Nothing has ever worked. Any suggestions (other than moving from Chicago to the south-western states?

Gastrocrom Uses and Side Effects

My Allergy Dr. wants to start me on Gastrocrom. I have had anaphylaxis x 3, with severe reactions. What is this drug, is it very expensive and what are the major side effects? I was on Singular and was experiencing severe brain fog. ## Gastrocom contains the active ingredient Cromolyn, also referred to as Cromoglicic Acid, which is a mast cell stabilizer, it is commonly used to help prevent food allergies, or allergies to other substances taken internally. The most common side effects are listed as being headache, muscle aches and diarrhea. What where you allergic to that caused the anaphylaxis?

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chronic severe diarrhea w/o a diagnosis in my teen

My 17 y/o daughter has had diarrhea so severe is has required hospitalizations x2. We have had her scoped twice a EGD twice a capsule Endoscopy once and this haas been going on for almost a year she lost over 30 lbs. Know one can help us she is scared I am scared. She now has episodes of incontinence and today and tonight she says she feels like she is dying. When I take he rto the ER all they do is hydrate her and then send us home. I am so worried aadn so tired of watching her suffer like us. She can not eat anything without having diarrhea immediately afterwards. Sometimes her diarrhea is so bad one stool is a 20 minute gush of liquids I need help where do I go to get it. We have exhausted 3 MD's here in KS I can not wait any longer ## I am very sorry you are both going through t...

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chronic ideopathic pruritis and/or urticaria; most interested in side effects and if still an available drug ## please advise if gastrichrome is still available, Was in a study years ago on the drug and it helped immensely with my gut probkem. I now have pancreatic cancer (responding very well to experimental treatment) and I really think that drug would help ## Yes, Gastrocrom is still available, though by prescription only.

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