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Remedies For Allegiec Problems

Dear All Just I want to know what causes the swallowing on the bodies of some one when he/she take bath or rub his/her skin . What is the name to cure this disease ? What prevention should opt for remedy of such kind of disease ? ## I apologize, but I am having a difficult time understanding exactly what you are talking about. Allergies do not have a cure, though they can be treated, so the symptoms are not so intense, with immunology and medications. They are caused when the bodies histamines react too much to certain substances and it can be anything from something in a food to pollen in the air. There is some more information here, with details on the medications that can be used to help treat them: Can you clarify the information you are looking for? ## Dear Sir/Madam I regret for t...

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Fulvicin U/F. ---use on a canine

I have a 4 year old Rat Terrier nuetered male who is mostly layed back, but can be playful at times. The problem I have with him is his obsessive chewing and scratching himself like a dog infested with fleas, but I have checked, my vet checked him and he wears a flea and tick collar. I can find no other signs of bugs, scabs or hot spots on him either, but it is really disturbing and bothersome that he is constantly digging at himself. A friend of mine who is a dog breeder and has a boarding kennel suggested dosing him with Fulvicin U/F as she has used it on some of her Poms with the same problem. I have used this on miniature horses, but it was for ringworm and my dog shows not signs of that. How safe is it to use on my dog, and in what dosage? Thanks for any help, Gary