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Focalin XR dose for a 6 year old

What is the usual dose in mg for a 6 year old? ## Hi Jeanne, As a psychotherapist and a holistic practitioner and the mother of two toddlers I wan to reply to your comment from a different angle. I am guessing that asking about Focolin Xr for your 6 year old has tod do with being told he/she has ADHD. If so, please be careful about giving such powerful drug to a child. The medical community still does not know the long term effects of many of these drugs on the brains of children. In fact, the whole diagnosis of ADHD and ADD is questionable. There could be many other factors attributing to your child's symptoms and I would want to encourage you to look into those other areas and see if you can help your child with out turning to drugs right away. I am a strong advocate of keeping ou...

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yellow teeth

my 6 year old has been on focolin XR for 2 years now she has lost 3 baby teeth and all her adult teeth so far have had thick yellow stains is it the folcolin? ## i have a yellow teeth from childhood, pl. suggest me any paste / medicine to get white and healthy teeth

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