Fenofibrate 100mg

Lynn Says:

I was prescribed this medicine on May 25 started taking it and noticed severe muscle pain in legs and hips and very tired I asked a pharmacist and he said stop taking it so I weened my self off by June 13 and the muscle pain and fatigue is still with me. Doctor said to take aleve 2 times a day tried for a few days but doesn't work ! Did this medicine give me permanent muscle damage or how long can this pain and fatigue last its now July 27

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lynn! How are you?

No, side effects would not normally linger more than a week, or two, after stopping the medication, according to the NIH.

Are you on any other mediations? What diagnosed medical conditions do you have? There are many medications and health conditions that can cause such issues.

Have you informed your doctor that the Aleve hasn't helped?

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Lynn Says:

I was prescribed this medicine for high colestrerol and I also use estrogel everyday. I was first prescribed rosuvastatin in April and stopped after a few weeks because of flu like symptoms and muscle ache then put on fenofibrate and stopped but now I'm worried it has given me permanent damage to my muscles because it hasn't eased up. Not to happy with my doctor will be going back shortly I have also had a few different sets of blood work and it show hi electrolytes , I have been tested for different things like liver kidney and so on and those results don't show any problems as we can read results on line. Is it possible to have permanent muscle problems if this medication has been discontinued for 6 weeks already !

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Lynn Says:

Hi now my doctor says it may be fibromyalgia because I have symptoms showing signs of having it! Still have the sore leg and hips and fatigued and can't sleep to well! My opinion is the medicine I was prescribed might have triggered this. Been trying to cope but having a hard time plus having to work at a job isn't easy feeling very frustrated !!! Doctor is sending me for a MRI but I understand there is really no test for this !

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Steve Says:

Hi Lynn

Just wondering how the MRI came back? Did fenofibrate cause any muscle damage? I too took fenofibrate for 2 months and then stopped it on my own because of the pain that I was having.

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