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sporasec capsules

The doctor gave me Sporasec capsules to take for an infection and I need some details on it. Whether it's for a sexual transmitted disease or/& the purposes of Sporasec and side-effects of it. In light of all of this, I am also bleeding and need to know why? So I'm waiting until the capsules are finished then I will go to another gyne for a second opinion. What do you suggest? ## My wife has had a series of infections, mostly yeast, for some time. Just the other day her GYN prescribed SPORASEC to her, every 12hr/3 days, and without any consultation or test on my part, said that I as well needed to take this. I am exhibiting no symptoms whatsoever. Is this med commonly administered to men when their wife/sex partner has to take this drug....thank you ## Sporasec contains the ...

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Entamoeba Coli Cysts

After a stool test I was diagnosed with Entamoeba Coli Cysts. I was giving Fasigyn Tablets (Tinidazole) and Gabbroral (Aminosidine) to take because I was having severe diarrhea. I didn't take the tablets because my diarrhea stopped and I was no longer sick.. Should I still take it anyway to avoid this from happening again OR if it does happen again just take the tablets at that time??????? I am a little worried about taking the Gabbroral..side effects say it may cause anorexia ## Hello, Nicole! How are you doing? Yes, the condition may still need treated. Have you consulted your doctor, again? They'd be the best person to advise you in this matter. However, generally, such a condition doesn't clear up, without treatment, so it is likely to recur if you don't take the med...

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Bloating with back and side pain

Hi, I have suffered for a couple of months from bloating (accompanied by back pain when present) ontop I have had un-explained trace blood in urine when doing urine analysis. one of the doctors prescribed Fasigyn (4 pills) and for the first time in months I felt relieved, as if this is the magical pill. Two weeks later, the bloating came back ? Doctor is suggesting CT scan for stomach ? did the one time 4 pills kill the parasiste and why the syptoms came back... ## Hello, Sam! How are you doing? You should go ahead and get the CT scan, those can also be symptoms of kidney stones and you may be having trouble passing one or more. When is it scheduled?

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