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Tanveer Hasan Says:

hello I am Tanveer (40 yaers male Lucknow India).
i had the problem that my eardrum started leaking in the year 1997. i got the treatment of the ENT specalist. the i felt that gradually my speech became unclear and my face symmetry is disturbed. there is some dissimilar touching experience(i.e. sensation) in left and right part of the my face. for this i consulted a famous neurosurgion and he suggested me to take ct scan of the brain and prescribed some medicines and suggested to take them around three to four years. i did that but the problem became worse before i consulted another neurosurgeon who saw my earlier Cat scan and medicines and suggested to get a fresh MRI of the whole haed. the MRI also could not tell anything clear. hesuggested to use ETILAM 0.5MG one BD ALONG WITH ZYVEN OD 50mg (i.e DESVENLAFAXINE) AND NIRSAN (Lorazepam 1mg) MD 1mg SINCE LAST FIVE YEARS, ON THE PRESCRPIPTION OF A NEROPHYSICIAN. NOW I want to LEAVE THE MEDICINES AS they only give me some relax but never cure my disesase. WHEN I LEAVE these medicines MY SPEECH BECOME UNCLEAR, DARKNESS BEFORE THE EYES appear, i become UNABLE TO GRIP THE PEN ETC. PROPERLY AND EVEN CAN't, DRIVE THE BIKE. PLS HELP ME IN THIS REGARD AS MY DOCTOR US UNABLE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. what should i do help me as i am teacher and i have to take the classes regularly.
hoping the best suggestion, may GOD help u to diagnose my disease or problem so that i may feel as i used before 1997.

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invincible Says:

You may be going through benzo withdrawals. google benzo withdrawals for more information. you may need to reduce your dosage slowly and stop the benzodiazepines. regards

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Verwon Says:

I really have to agree with that basic point that was already stated, it was most likely some severe withdrawal and rebound effects if you tried to stop taking those medications abruptly, without slowly tapering off of them.

And yes, the Benzodiazepines were probably the biggest trouble makers, since you've been taking 2 of them, the Etizolam and the Lorazepam for a number of years.

Learn more Etizolam details here.

Learn more Lorazepam details here.

If you really want to get off of them, you're going to have to do a very slow taper to prevent those withdrawal and rebound effects.

Was this never suggested to you, so far?

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