Estrogen Methyltestos Hs Tabs

Kimberly Says:

I just took my prescription to the pharmacy which I have had for 6 months. They told me the prescription was only good for 6 months because it is a controlled substance. They filled the first 3 months but said I would need a new prescription in 3 months. It is my hormone replacement which I still had some, so didn't take to the pharmacy until now. The name is Estrogen-Methyltestos F.S. Tab. How is this a controlled substance?

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Verwon Says:

It has always been a controlled substance under the Anabolic Steroids Act, due to the Methyltestosterone in it.

Learn more Methyltestosterone details here.

Thus, these restrictions have been in place for years, by law, but most pharmacies didn't enforce them. They tried to get around it due to the Estrogen that is also in this HRT.

But recently the FDA and DEA are cracking down and making them follow the letter of the law for such prescriptions.

I am sorry, I know it's a pain for you, but you will have to see your doctor more frequently and get a new prescription more often.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Marion Says:

Fascinating that when a mail order pharmacy, after ten years of filling the prescription, tells the patient when the order isn't filled that it isn't their problem, that the doctor is obligated to inform them of the law. I am now filing a complaint against Medco and ExpressScripts for pulling the prescription without notifying me they had dropped the prescription. I was told in September of 2012 the law had changed, not that they had, for years, been ignoring the law.

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Janet Says:

I do not know who you (Verwon) is or who you represent, but I disagree that the answer is simply that we women who rely on this drug must simply just visit/contact our physician more frequently. I cannot see how there is opportunity for steroid abuse by we little old ladies via this drug. The actions by the FDA and DEA are simply overreaching and not acceptable. The FDA has listed exemptions (by manufacturer) in the past for this formulation and should continue this practice.

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Kim Hill Says:

I've been on this meds for years. But thats fine. My doc said don't worry we will send another refill over. Im not due in until June.

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Kim Says:

I think its a bunch of BS but my dr is handling for me. I could understand if we were injecting ourself with it but its in a pill form. They should have been enforcing it a long time ago. Thank you for your input.

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tina miller Says:

Is covaryx h.s. the same as estrogen-methyltestos?

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Marta Says:

Shall we discuss the fact this is another example of our government wasting our money? I seriously doubt any of us taking estrogen methyl testosterone FS or HS are down the slippery slope of steroid abuse. This is a perfect example of enforcing "zero tolerance" in an area where there are, and should be, very clearly delineated exceptions. It's not even so much that's it's a pain, but that it's so incredibly stupid. Getting the refills isn't a problem, but understanding the thinking on this one is a problem.

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Christine Says:

I've started taking Estrogen-Methyltestos only a couple of weeks ago and when the Pharmacist said: the Dr had to call the insurance company before they could fill the prescription I thought omg it must be very expensive. Then I found out it was because of this stupid law. Yes I said stupid, and I can almost assure there is a men behind it or a women that never had to deal with being tired all the time, unable to sleep, unable to concentrate or remember things, unable to feel much of anything in bed. When there is something that can actually help us feel alive someone out there decides if we are allowed to take it or not or at the bare minimum is making us go through all kinds of troubles to obtain it. At least once the Dr informs the Insurance company we are taking it because of menopausal symptoms, why does it need to be repeated every three months. Are these symptoms going away in three months?

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Margie Says:

I have been taking Estrogen-Methyltes TOS F.S TAB for years I have tried a lot of the other hormones but this is the only one that work I get really bad headaches with the other hormones my question is there another Medication that work like this one my insurance will not cover it and I can know Longer afford to pay cash them

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sandy Says:

I'm also am trying to find out if covAryx is the generic for Methyltes/ee. Can some one please help me.

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knucklehead Says:

In an attempt to enhance my libido (I'm 70) I had to go through eight doctors to have it approved. Okay...I did that...lots of hesitation...heart tests, fine. But I thought the secondary agenda unconscious or not was..granny should not be getting the nookie. This ageist sexist agenda does not apply to men who have it suggested to them!!! Plus every time I saw the next MD. I had to tell it all.

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Rebecca Says:

Are there any over the counter options that I can take that will partially or completely provide the same benefits as prescription ESTROGEN-METHYLTESTOS H.S. TAB?? Thank you!!

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Margie Says:

I have been on "estrogen methyltestosterone hs" for 20 years and now it's gone up to 140.00 for 30 pills. What alternatives can I look for after not taking any more?

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Shelrap Says:

Re: knucklehead (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I am also a 70 year old woman having problems getting this medication. I had a total hysterectomy 19 years ago, and part of that time, with some effort, I have been able to get low dose estrogen (1 mg) and sometimes low dose methyl-testosterone (2.5 mg) prescribed to me. The testosterone had to be prepared at a compounding pharmacy, and I always had to pay out of pocket because my medical insurance would not cover it. After April 2019, I could no longer get it at all. I agree with you that the message is that at my age, I should no longer have any libido. I still have a very nice husband whom I love, and the whole thing makes me mad. I am trying again now. We will see how I do. I have every sympathy with you, and hope you have had success.

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