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gov. cut back effect enstage renial patients health

For the last 2 months my husband has been getting tired, weaker and short winded. We have been to all our Neph. Drs. and till today they would not tell us a thing. When they found out we were going to a gastronoglist today he was told to have his hemo and epogen levels checked because the gov. was making them cut back on the drugs and type of care he is getting as a "medicare cost savings" 'their hands are tied' when a dialysis patient dies of heart failure or body shut down there is no way to check for this cut back. I say who are they to decide what quality of life kidney patients get????? The last time I checked we were still living in a FREE LAND not a dictatorship or communist regiem! let your Congress men and women know we won't stand for this!!! They can cut t...