During Pregnancy

Preeti Says:

I had bleeding in 4th week of pregnancy. My dr stopped Ecosprin 75mg and advised Bedrest. Its all normal now after she did scan. She has again prescribed Ecosprin for coming 2 weeks. I'm worried if it can restart bleeding.

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Verwon Says:

HI, Preeti! So sorry about the problem you're having.

Has your doctor done any blood work?

Yes, the Ecosprin may cause more bleeding.

But, in most cases, bleeding during pregnancy is caused by a lack of Progesterone, which should be supplemented back to prevent miscarriage.

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Pavani Says:

Hai doctor,i am pavani 34 year old. I lose my pregency's 3 times in 6 weeks by the reason of no heart beat starts. I am used levera 500mg daily morning &night. My doubt is,levera is given any effect.,

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