Diazepam 10mg C And Dc Fake

Jamo6 Says:

Just took little blue diazepam with C and DC under the score. Felt nothing. Fake.

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Haunar Says:

Did they come in blister packaging?

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Jamo6 Says:

Yes, they cam in blister packaging.

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Emma Says:

Can someone please help me - ive bought Teva 5 mg yellow - 5 on one side - other side has line going down back? Are these real as i cant find anything on internet to tell me? Thank you

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John Says:

There are most likely real.

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Emma Says:

Hi there - Yes there in blister packaging and boxed my friend says he gets them on prescription from the Chemist - he takes his name off the box though.

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Math Says:

@Emma, the problem is that people can get a pill press to make fake pills look like any legitimate drug nowadays. So even if the inscriptions on the pill line up with the official markings, they can still be fake. The only safe way to get meds is through a licensed pharmacy!

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Ravie davie Says:

Re: Emma (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Well, I've just come across 10mg with "c" on top then a line threw the middle and "dc" on bottom. Are they fake?

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jilly Says:

I reckon most people on here would prefer to get their pills from a gp, but gp's give mainly to recovering alcoholics who then sell them to others. I want them for sleep phobia and insomnia, a pretty painful combo. I would prefer to love my life despite heavy burdens, but others make it harder for me.

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