Df1118 Tablet

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I have taken it with zedoorl 100mg, any danger? and if so what can i do


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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, I cannot find a tablet with the marking of DF 1118, or is that supposed to be the name of the medication?

Do you know the name of it or the active ingredient?

I will need this information in order to understand and answer your question.

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Roy Says:

Additional research has revealed to me that there is most likely a corrected spelling of DF 118 forte for this medication.

The active ingredient is Dihydrocodeine which is an opioid pain killer. Unfortunatley I have not been able to locate information about Zedoorl 100 mg (including misspellings) so I could not say if the active ingredients would interact.

If you have any other information about this drug please post back...

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