Dealing With Generic Vicoprofen
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steve in tennessee Says:

I have been taking Vicoprofen for over a year now for chronic pain, back disk degen, Major lung surgery.. If you have been taking generic there are a huge difference in effectiveness between brands.. the best brand (generic is Qualitest sold at walgreens and all the others are not half as effective.. If you take something every day you expect it to work..I know there all suppose to contain the same but i believe there are fda standards that are the minimum but these companies want to get there cost down by using safe acceptable generic medications but the quality is not there in several generics..I have decided to try the name brand on my next refill because every time i get stuck with one of the generics like andrx,teva,watson and when you explain why you would like a certain generic you have to give them a lecture on when it comes to something like pain medication you know when its not performing as well..I mean not as half as effective but walgreens says they dont like people asking for a certain brand of generic it implies there not all the same...BINGO.. In a month i'll update you on the cost and if its as good or same or better than generic qualitest.. by the way qualitest brand has a huge v across the tablet and they are almost a half size bigger compared to the rest of the slackers...

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Redbeard Says:

I've been taking generic Vicoprofen for 2-3 years, and have always been given the Amneal brand. By some miracle, my pharmacy gave me the Qualitest brand a couple of months ago and the difference was night and day. Unfortunately, I've been told that was a one time only thing, and that Qualitest is out of business or at the least, no longer makes that pill. I finally found another pharmacy that carries different manufacturers of the 7.5/200 generic vicoprofen. The pills I have now are made by Actavis, and they are also better than Amneal, in my opinion. I thought I was crazy, when this came up, but I see now that I'm just one of the many who feel this way. Now that I know it wasn't all in my head, I'm going to test other brands. I suggest to anyone reading this to don't just settle for what brand your pharmacy is giving you. If you have the option to go to another pharmacy, do it. Don't keep taking something that doesn't work the way it's supposed to! Good luck!

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Janelle Says:

Just got the ones with the V on them today. They changed manufacturers once again. PAR Pharma is now making them. Sure hope these are better than that IP 145 crap I was getting! Will let you all know when I take one here shortly.

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Jana Says:

Re: Janelle (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I find just the opposite. The Quailitest brand was not effective at all as compared to the Amneal.

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Janelle Says:

I get the IP ones too. Can not find a pharmacy that carries the ones with the V on them for the last 6 mos. The exact same thing happened to me the pharmacy gave me 30 of the V and 30 of the IP, and I could immediately tell the difference. After that only have got the IP ones. Even tried different pharmacies. They must not be able to get the others from the manufacturer right now, but it has been over six months now. Wonder if discontinued? I too suffer from chronic back pain due to spinal stenosis. Wish I could get some better pain relief besides 2 a day of these half-butt vicoprofen.

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JoAnne Says:

Same here. The IP 145 are very weak. The ones with the V on them work much better. Get 60 per month, take two a day for chronic back pain. When I got the IP 145 ones the last couple of months did not get proper pain relief. The first time they gave me 30 of each and could tell the difference when I took the ones with the V on them, got proper pain relief, the IP 145 ones still left me in pain. Going to another pharmacy with my next prescription.

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Mauser65 Says:

Please let me know your results I am in same predicament but now Wallgreens says they don't carry Qualitest anymore & I am getting Actavis generic brand which is CRAP & making me sick.

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