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I just started Dayvigo. Had to stop Ambien that I have been on for 30 years due to FDA changes on milligrams for women. I’ve taken Dayvigo with great success and have slept very well for the past 4 nights. But I noticed that my lower back is hurting a lot, actually very painful. I don’t recall doing anything that could have caused this. If anyone has taken Dayvigo have you experienced this? Could it be a side effect? ## I don't see back pain listed as a known side effect, according to FDA reports, however, it has been known to cause some issues involving complex sleep behaviour, so it's possible that you've done something to hurt your back, while sleeping. Other typical side effects may include nausea, sleep paralysis, abnormal dreams, and headache. Ref: Dayvigo ...

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My Dr says take Dayvigo and Ativan together while I wean off ativan. Has anybody else done this? ## Have not taken, but trying to wean off Ativan. Interested in results with Dayvigo. ## It is always best to follow your doctor's instructions in such matters. Weaning off Ativan does create a risk of your developing insomnia, as a withdrawal effect, as well as irritability, headache, and mood changes, according to FDA reports. The typical side effects of Dayvigo may include nausea, headache, fatigue, and abnormal dreaming. What process has your doctor set up with you to taper off the Ativan?

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