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carb levo in your system how long to get out

How long after you stop taking this will you feel better? Having nausea fatigue listlless. Only took it for 2 weeks feel horrible until abou 4:00 PM. Taking 1/3 of a pill 3 times a day with food ## Hello, Lee! How are you? I'm sorry that you had a problem with this medication. If you were only taking it for a short period of time, it should only take a week or so for you to start to feel better and for the side effects to improve. The FDA lists this medication as being most commonly used to treat Parkinson's symptoms and those can be common side effects of it, along with dizziness, trouble sleeping and headache. Have you informed you doctor? You may need to switch to a different medication. ## thanks still having stomach problems and headache, so it can't be from that. also ...

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