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Accidentally Took 2 Different Muscle Relaxers

I accidentally took a dantrolene 25mg with my baclofen 10mg ## Hi James, I did some research looking into possible drug interactions between the two, and one report suggests that using the two together may increase the risk of certain side effects ranging from dizziness and drowsiness, to impaired cognitive function. However that seems to be the worst of your worries based off this information alone -(but also not to discount each drug's own individual side effects as well). And if this was just a one time thing then in my experience you should be fine, but on the other hand, if you were to develop symptoms that became too bothersome or severe, I'd still encourage you to contact your doctor immediately and/or poison control to see what steps should be taken to ensure your safety...

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dantrolene alternatives

At AORN last year there was a drug company that offerred a generic dantrolene that could be mixed and ready to use in 20 seconds. What is the name of this drug? ## Could you be referring to the Intravenous version of Dantrolene called DANTRIUM® Intravenous (dantrolene sodium for injection) ? A press release from Proctor & Gamble from August 2008 outlines an acquision by JHB [1]. There is also more information available from JHB about this [2]. If not, do you have any other information or questions which you can share? Please post back if you do... [1] [2]

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