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Alternatives to Dallergy chewables/syrup?

Our mail order pharmacy, optum rx, is telling us they can't fill our son's prescription for Dallergy because it is now "off market"? This is the only med that helps him without putting him to sleep. Does anyone know if this is true or are they just full of it? Does anyone know what might substitute for it? Thank you ## Hello, Tamara! How is your son doing? What are the ingredients in the one he's been taking? I've found several different listings and none are the same. Have you tried asking his pediatrician about the issue? ## I just found out about the devastating news that they now pulled stahist. WTF! And of course i started crying in front of my pharmacist for the 23rd time in my life. He dug around and found out that Dallergy PH Syrup has been reformulated a...

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D Allergy Jr. Capsules...in generic

My daughter was taking DAllergy Jr. capsules for her allergies. It is the only medicine that we have found that really works for her. It was prescribed by her allergist. We haven't been able to get this drug for over 10 months or so, due to a problem with the manufacturer (that's what we were told). Now I hear that it is back on the market, but my insurance requires that I buy the generic version of this, which NO ONE seems to be able to get. Does anyone know what is up with this? I am so frustrated. It doesn't seem that I can get any straight answers or find a pharmacy that might be able to get me the medicine my daughter needs. ## Same with daughter was taking Dallergy Jr. tablets to and worked very well for ger and now we can't get them for over 10 months,because of M...

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