Creams For Bumps On Forehead

Bernadette Spitz Says:

whether its from the sun or aging, lately I have deleloped a few bumps under my skin. They are not itchy or inflamed, just bumps of different sizes. I have used some creams including cortizone with no improvement. Is there something I can use to eventualkly smooth them out?

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted a doctor?

The real solution is going to come from determining what's causing them, then your doctor can advise you as to proper treatment options.

Any theories postulated here, just from the limited information in your post, would just be guesswork and such as thing creates the risk of actually making the problem worse.

Are you taking any medications, of any type?

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nlretired Says:

Metronidazole gel or its more expensive cousin Metrogel have worked great for me with the same condition

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Bernadette Says:

Yes, I have consulted a derm and I am taking meds, but these "bumps" have been above my eyebrows &a little along side of my temple for a very long time. I just finished a 2 wk course of Efa-dex (generic, but I forgot its name) and it did nothing but make them a pale pink color.

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harry Says:

itiching below stomach as well as back.....what to do...

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vijaykuma9k Says:

I am suffering from eczema is propygenta useful for eczema

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