Coughing For Years

Vaiwinchester Says:

I had been having this dry severe cough for years and meeting doctors after doctors still couldn't reach to cure. One has said that I have sensitive nose and has given me budenase spray. One other have diagnosed me with lung infection after an x-ray while the public hospital I have been following through appointments have diagnosed me with gerd and laryngitis and thus giving me pantoprazole which I have been taking for 3 years and to no curing as well. I need this coughing to stop. Could you help me please?

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Verwon Says:

I am very sorry about what you're going through, Vaiwinchester. That has to be so very annoying.

Have you been tested for allergies? They can cause a dry cough like that, according to NIH studies. Are you on any other medications? Some of them can cause a dry cough as side effects.

Have you tried seeing an ENT or gastroenterologist? It might be time for some second opinions.

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Vaiwinchester Says:

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Yeah it was the ENT specialist of the public hospital had diagnosed me with gerd and giving me pantoprazole at every appointments. They did a scope through my throat and it was swollen due to gerd so they prescribed me with the meds. Aside from coughing, I have breathing difficulties as well sometimes.

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Vaiwinchester Says:

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Nope I haven't been tested for allergies. Are there any other possibilities as well? I went for Mantoux test and they confirmed that it is not tb.

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