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Corcidin overdose

Has anyone experienced, long term side effects from Coricidin. ## Hello, David! How are you? Coricidin is an over the counter product that's used to treat cold symptoms, so no one should be taking so much of it or taking it so often that they need to worry about long-term side effects. If you are suffering that frequently from cold symptoms, then you most likely do not have a cold and should see your doctor. Which Coricidin formulation did you take?

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hard red pill capsule c-day imprint

This was found at a middle school and we are trying to identify it. It is a hard red plastic with the letters c-day on it solid red and when cut open it had a liquid in it that smelled like a medicine ie cough ## Hello, Susan! How are you? This is called C-Day, it's Coricidin high blood pressure multi-symptom cold for daytime use, it contains 10mgs of Dextromethorphan and 200mgs of Guaifenesin. It is available over the counter and is used to treat cold symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Mixing Tramador Hcl With Coricidin Hbp Cough And Cold Medicin

I had a bad cold i drank coricidin hbp cough &cold and i drsnk my tramadol hcl only 50 mg when i git up from bed i had hive all around my body and it itches can i drink benedril for the itching? ## Benadryl is an antihistamine, so I think it should help relieve much of those symptoms. It sounds like you may have had an allergic reaction to the tramadol or coricidin in order to experience itching and hives like that. Were you ever able to to determine which of those medications might've caused the allergy?

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Round red coated pill found in my teenagers room. please help!

I am a concerned parent of a teenaged boy. I have found a small red coated pill (size and brightness of a red skittle). There is no scoring on either side. One side has two black letters that could be a combination of either of these G, C, e. I cant make out the letter too well because they have been held and seems to have smeared. The coating seems to be thin as pill coating "melts" on your hands. The other side has no markings. My teenager said these pills are supposed to be Atterall. I have searched and can not find Atterall with the appearance of these. Please help in identifying these. ## I'm wondering if it might be a Coricidin Cough and Cold tablet, because they match this description and, while they make several, these particular ones have a CC on them that almost ov...

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Coricidin pill imprint

Round red biconvex pill imprinted "schering" and also has an unreadable 3 digit number. ## Topic should read "unreadible 3 digit number" ...something like 552 or 532 ... shaped like an M & M. ## Unreadable 3 digit imprinted number ## Coricidin actually uses a C logo, then additional C's to designate the cough and cold preparations, an added + for others and etc. I haven't found any where they use Schering on them. Learn more OTC details here. Where did you find them? Is there a chance they are older tablets?

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Coricidin With Mucinex

my boyfriend bought coricidin hbp by mistake and really needs a decongestant. is it ok to give him mucinex with the coricidin hbp? ## Based on my research there are no drug interactions found between Coricidin HBP and Mucinex. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist, but my sources state that every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. With that said, (because I am not a doctor) the most I can tell you is that from what I've read, these two medications are regarded as being safe to take together and shouldn't present any problems outside of the normal side effects associated with each medication. I hope this info helps to answer your question!

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red capsule letter

I FOUND A PILL A GEL CAP WITH THE C-HBP IN MY KID ROOM WHAT IS IT ## It is probably Coricidin cold&flu. It's a red gelcap which comes in lots of shapes and is ok for people with High Blood Pressure (HBP). For verification, you can click here to view a photo of the 'Coricidin HBP' package.

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Round Red Pill With Letters F On It

red pill has a f stamped on it and the othere side may have an e or just another f ## Unfortunately I couldn't find an exact match to your description. The closest match being a round red pill with the imprint "C F" on one of the sides and blank on the other. This pill is identified as Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu (Acetaminophen 325mg + Chlorpheniramine 2mg). If this does not match your pill, is there any possibility that the marking has simply been misread? Please post back if you have any other comments or information to add and hopefully we can figure out what it is.

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refused purchase at CVS

Does any know why I would be refused purchase of Coricidin D by scanning my drivers license? I have no history of drug abuse or anything like that. I have allergies that drive me bannanas some times and have used Lotramine succesfully. ## How much were you trying to purchase and how old are you? This medication is commonly abused, however, unless you've been flagged for some type of suspicious behavior, I have no idea why the purchase would be refused. ## 63 yrs old . We figure it may have been because I was purchasing Nite time cold medicine at the same time . Still have not figured what my license had to do with it. ## It may be that in your home county there are restrictions on that medication, or perhaps in your home state. You neglected to say whether you were in your home stat...

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round blue -white blue on top white on bottom ## What is the formal name of drug L126? ## This is not 100% definite since I am seeing different possibilities here, but let me know if any of the following sound familiar: Coricidin 325 mg Acetaminophen + 2 mg Chlorpheniramine Or it could also be Sudafed Cold & Cough. Bottom line is this is most likely an Over The Counter cold/cough med. Pete

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