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maggie Says:

I have been sent a leaflet from "james mortimer aquil ltd aldsworth gloc." about collagenica plus. It seems too good to be true. Can you tell me if this is a genuine product or a scam?

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Versions Nicholls Says:

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I totally agree about your knee. I had a cartilage problem, hospital said to do exercises..then referred to mri !! I took ythese collagenical Plus..what a difference..brilliant, no pain.thanku

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Jack Says:

Re: Jay (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

My diagnosis is "lumbar stenosis". From what I have gleaned collagen is not the problem. It is a narrowing of the spinal cord canal and the nerve gets pinched.

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marguerite Says:


Where did you order the product? I can't find it and have done an extensive search. Please anyone let me know, as this product worked wonders for me.

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Jay Says:

I've been suffering from 'Spinal Stenosis with Gluteal pain' for quite some time. Would Collagenia Plus help me in recovering from pain?

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Nancy Says:

We ordered Collagenica Plus at least four weeks ago. How long should we wait for a response?


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jayardee Says:

Shane is correct. I have taken this product for almost two years and my knee problem which caused me to walk with a permanent limp for 15 years has gone. It started improving within four weeks of taking the collagene, still get the odd twinge but that is nothing to what I used to have to endure. If the product is not tested for 7 years or more you will always have people claiming they are a scam, as in most cases they are, but as I found not in this case Maggie. Try it and if you reorder, insist on a discount!

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Shane Says:

I have looked into Collagenica Plus also. You say it is a fake product and yet the ingredients have a number of studies that show that these can be a benefit in many ways. I do not think you should write this off on the comment of one person.

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maggie Says:

Thanks for that. I often get mail from this company & it always looks genuine. I will be more aware in the future. Regards.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Maggie! How are you?

No, it is not genuine, it's not proven to do anything, I'm sorry. All of these products are like that, unfortunately. If they actually worked, they'd be approved and sold as medications, rather than supplements.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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