Chlordiazepoxide-clidinium Substitute

Norm Says:

Mr doctor wrote prescription for Librax and did not specify brand name only. My local pharmacy dispensed Chlordiazepoxide-Clidinium at a copay of $4.86 for 40 pills.. However, my Mail Order provider sent me Librax at a cost of $162.39 for 100 pills. When I questioned the mail order company, they advised Chlordiazepoxide-Clidinium had not been approved for automatic substitution for Librax and they could not give me the generic. They did advise that if the prescription had been for Chlordiazepoxide-Clidinium they would have dispensed that drug. Are they giving me the facts or run around? Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Unless they are in a different country and not following the laws of the U.S. then they are incorrect.

Any medication that has a generic available can be substituted with that generic, at the request of the patient or their insurance, unless there are specific reasons that their doctor does not want them to use a generic.

When you go into your local pharmacy, you will usually see signs that explain this, so people know that they can request a generic or why their insurance might only cover the generic.

It is, however, a simple matter to ask your doctor to write the prescription as the generic, to avoid the problem in the future.


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TJMurphy Says:

I don't know the answers I know Medicare told me this prescription through would cost me 14.00 per month, I just got a prescription from local Walgreens, my insurance carrier is Wellcare which Medicare told me was the best for my medicines, and was charged 94.14, I cannot pay this and this is supposedly the GENERIC. I am eating soup/ Slimfast so I don't need the medicine as often as I can. Any feedback would help me to.

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Campbell Says:

I also use Librax and get the generic form from my pharmacist. I have Aetna Medicare and it is not on their formulary. I pay close to $100 for 60 capsules. My pharmacist said that there is nothing on the market that is comparable and it used to be dirt cheap. I would like to find a way to get it cheaper as well.

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Ed Says:

We are getting the generic Librax from Walgreen mail order at $.44 each. Would love to get it for less if anyone has a source. Price jumps around from one refill to the next.

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Jerry Says:

Is it still $0.44 per pill at Walgreens? Thanks.

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Renato Pinto Says:

I also take that medicine. In my country 100 pills are like 28-30 dollars

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Jim Says:

This medication went from $321 for 360 pills to $1000 for the same amount. This was in a 90 day period. I am unable to continue using the product. The meds my doctor put me on are not working. The company that makes the product is Virtus pharmaceuticals. Their phone number is 813-283-1344. I called them and they stated it was not their fault. They passed blame. My doctor told me that it's a very old drug and the price increase is ridiculous. Been very miserable. Another pharmaceutical company rips the public.

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Jan Says:

Can you tell me if there is a substitute drug for chlordiazepoxide clidinium? I am on Medicare and my insurance charged me over 163.00 dollars for these pills. Is there any drug that is comparable to this one? This drug is too costly for me.

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