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One Pill, eye loss

Circa 1985 I took one Chlortimeton tablet as I went to bed. Next morning I lost the center vision in my right eye. It has never recovered. Apparently the few rods/cones? hemmoraged? I have a history all my life of having several nasty colds per year and I was trying this new-to-me drug. Every eye doctor or MD I've told this story to, do not care to talk about it. The rest of the eye functions to give me adequate peripheral vision. I find it curious...liftetime of aspirins or nothing and just once, one pill and the eye is damaged while I sleep. ??????

Retail price of 4 mg chlortrimeton tablets in 1949

what was the retail price of chlortrimeton 4 mg in 1949 ## I've seen Chlor-Trimeton Allergy Relief 4 Hour Tablets range from $4-$7 in the current retail market, depending on the manufacturer and number of pills. Unfortunately there's no specific details online regarding Chlor-Trimeton prices in the 1940's-1950's. Apparently the patent for this medication was approved prior to Jan 1, 1982; but that is all the information I could gather at the moment. Do you know someone who has taken this drug within that era?

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